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Flashtech was established in 1999 providing excellent services, products and consultation to the micro, small and medium enterprise market. We at Flashtech believe in providing our customers with the service they expect, we offer a no nonsense approach to what is a complex yet vitally important area of activity for any home user, or SMME business, with our extensive knowledge in the Computer hardware and software industry as well as our knowledge in web creativity and design.

We aim to provide you and your business "the entire package", Why deal with 5 or so different "service providers" when we can do it all?

Flashtech assembles and sells the Flash Range of computers, built using only the best PC components available. All our computers are built on the award winning Intel® Backbone, and are all powered by genuine Intel® Processors. (I.e. Core2duo®, i3, i5, i7).

All storage components used are manufactured by Seagate & Western Digital. (The best storage components available) offering excellent reliability, durability and performance. Additional components are sourced from various manufacturers, taking into consideration there market place, product reliability, performance, warranty etc. We proud ourselves in being one of the few PC companies that don't sell "Cheap PC's", where instead we provide an excellent product suited to your needs at a price you can afford.

Flashtech also offers custom built business and gaming machines assembled to your required specification, to give you a product that will do what you need it to do.
Our range includes entry level home user computers, right up to business workstations, and File & Print servers for all your business needs. We specialize in the supply, installation and support of the Microsoft Small Business & Essential Server products with VPN, Remote and Exchange Applications perfect for small business solutions.

Flashtech's extensive services include Printer, and monitor repairs, Computer repairs, upgrades, 2nd hand sales and component repairs.

We also offer excellent deals on additional I.T components. I.e. Printers (HP. Epson, Canon, Lexmark etc.), Peripherals (Microsoft, Logitech etc.) Gaming Devices (Logitech, Microsoft, Genius etc.) and singular components (Motherboards, Rom Devices, Memory Modules, Memory Flash Drives, USB Components, Add-on cards, etc.)

Flashtech also offers Networking products for wired and wireless solutions as well as setup and installation services for all your networking requirements.